Happiness In Action


Happiness isn't a fleeting, occasional sensation, it's a state-of-mind and way of life which students can maintain through practice, no matter what challenges they face. Get a glimpse into the inspiring ways real-life students are finding joy, overcoming obstacles, and supporting others using the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude.

Classroom Conversation Starters

GRADES: 7–12

  • How can we work toward our own sustainable happiness?
  • What role can we play in helping others achieve happiness?
  • How can we teach our peers about the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills?
  • How can we give our peers opportunities to strengthen these skill?

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Educator Guide

Prepare Your Class

Grades 7–12
45–60 minutes
Bring the Happiness in Action Virtual Field Trip to life with activities for before, during, and after watching. This guide also includes helpful context, additional topics to explore, and complete standards alignment information.